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Eye care services are provided by Dr. Gretchen Ohlig, OD  Norwalk, CT 06851

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 Your eyes tell a story...

Annual vision exams are not just for your eyeglass prescription! Did you know that during an eye exam it is possible to detect some major health ailments?  
Diabetes, high blood pressure, some cardiac disorders, autoimmune diseases, STD's and cancers are among the illnesses that can be detected during an eye exam.*
* Eye exams are great to help detect some diseases & disorders but should not replace your PCP or specialist visits.
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For the savvy and stylish... 

Superior Eyeglasses
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Let one of our frame stylists help you pick out your next pair of eyeglasses. We can show you some styles that will work well with your face shape, coloring, and most importantly, your prescription! 
We can schedule you for an appointment with Dr. Ohlig
 or you can bring us your prescription. 

Have an eye exam appointment coming up? Feel free to just stop in and browse!
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Medical and vision insurance, what is the difference? 

Medical insurance covers your doctors visit. 
Most insurance carriers consider your annual eye exam preventative and waive the deductible.
Vision plans cover your vision devices.
Frames, basic eyeglass lenses, and/or contact lenses. 
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